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Over the past few years I have been very fortunate to have had the pleasure of motivating and inspiring some of our country's most recognizable companies. Here is one few of my personal favourites:

Click through the links below to see what others have thought of my service.
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Thanks again CJ for another clear and powerful presentation. Your enthusiasm is infectious. We all stand to be better communicators by taking your message to heart. On behalf of Ontario Power Generation, I wish you the very best!
R. A. Templeton
Nuclear Training Officer
Ontario Power Generation

Thank you very much for your presentation on "Conflict Resolution" at Playtex Limited today. Everyone really enjoyed your enthusiasm, your presentation style and felt that they learned something that they could immediately apply in the workplace. As I had mentioned to you, I had previously heard you speak at the HRPAO Annual Conference earlier this year and was impressed with your presentation style and ability to apply, and reference, what the previous speaker had talked about into your speeches. I had the pleasure of sitting with a variety of colleagues during the conference and everyone talked openly about how professionally you spoke and what a pleasure it was to watch you present. I look forward to working with you in future!

Kerry Hayward
Manager, Human Resources – Canada

CJ, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for a fantastic seminar. The feedback was overwhelming. You definitely have a fan base at Bombardier
Aerospace. They are asking when I can get you back. You had us in stitches. Seriously speaking, the team appreciated that you broke down "stress" both from a physiological and psychological standpoint. Most importantly, you taught us key methods to identify stress and how to manage it. Although we would love to be stress free, how realistic is that? Life would be quite boring otherwise. It was a great experience and we hope to have you back very soon. I'll spread the word on how great you are.

Thank you for your time and we look forward to having you back to learn
more and hopefully get in a few giggles.

Diana Abballe
Program Coordinator, CRJ 700/900
Customer Services - Supplier Liaison
Bombardier Aerospace

CJ, Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to prepare and present to our clients and prospects. Your topic had overwhelming positive feedback. Once we tabulate our survey results, I will let you know. It should come as no surprise to you that you were one of the highlights of the day.

Many thanks to you. Good luck with your future endeavours and I hope our paths cross again sometime soon.
Laurie Hunter
Comprehensive Benefit Solutions Limited

On behalf of myself and the committee (which I have copied on this e-mail), we thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to come to speak to us. Your energy and enthusiasm captured everyone's attention and left us wanting to hear more.
We were pleased with the turnout and even had a few people who were not able to attend due to other commitments, approach us after the presentation for copies of your handouts to review on their own. As we discussed briefly after the presentation, we look forward to having you back in the spring. I had a chance to visit your website and was impressed by the articles and life-coaching exercises available. I now know where to look to select my next book to read. It was a pleasure to meet you and thanks again for sharing with us your tips and advice. You left a remarkable impression on us.
Paola Barbarossa
Global Treasure Services Product Manager
Royal Bank of Canada

CJ, We sincerely thank you for the excellent seminar on "Living Well with Stress". It was great to hear everyone laughing at the same time . Everyone has given great feed back about "perspective" .....that clicked with them. Some comments are , "that was GREAT" , "perfect for me" , "can you believe his energy", "can we do that again" "love his real life examples", "let's live and L.E.B. (laugh , exercise & breathe)" , "excellent common sense tools that are free".
Lynda Beyea, Director, Claims
Canada Life

Hi CJ, I just wanted to say thank you very much for coming and presenting to our staff “Living Well With Stress”. You were educational, funny and motivating. The audience was very captive with your presence….and we, the team have received some wonderful feedback back from staff that have attended the sessions….

Your platform skills are exceptional…….you are an excellent presenter.

In future, if I should ever have to conduct other safety meetings, I will be sure to definitely request if we could have you back.
Lee Watson
First Line Manager, PND 889 Admin Services,

CJ, Back in February, you had come to speak at our Toronto Rehab Occupational Therapists “Retreat Day”. You brought us a very energetic session to wrap up our day. We would have been considered a tough crowd to please – 3pm in the afternoon, after a day of professional development. I have to say - to uplift, motivate, capture our attention and make us laugh says a lot about the person you are and the level of presentation that you offer. You had us from the minute you stepped up to speak with your enthusiasm and energy. Looking at my colleagues around the room, I would say you had us all thinking and reflecting on our lives. Thank you very much!!
Karen Brown,
Toronto Rehab

I would just like to let you know that the Balance seminars hosted by CJ Calvert were excellent. I have received a very positive response from those who attended. I will definitely be requesting that CJ come in and host a different seminar for Red Cross’s wellness month next year. Thank you,
Josie Fontana
Canadian Red Cross

Please accept this note as a thank you for arranging to have C.J. deliver his seminar on dealing with stress. His presentation was very well received and made our Operational Health & Safety week a success. On behalf of our colleagues at Via Rail we thank you and your team of advisors who help us deal with many issues through out the year. Thanks again.
Zeke Medeiros

CJ, I would like to thank you for your fantastic presentation to our staff at our Lunch and Learn sessions that took place on January 27th & 28th. The feedback from the attendees was very positive and they are already asking me to have you back! You are a natural speaker who exudes passion and energy. You provided informative tips and strategies to help our employees inject more fun into their day, let off some steam and have a more rewarding life experience! You captured the attention of those in attendance and kept them engaged through story-telling and real-life examples that hit home for many in the audience. Thanks again for taking the time to come in and speak to our staff. I hope to work with you again in the near future.
Jennifer Lindley
Lead, Training and Development
Horizon Utilities Corporation

Thank you for facilitating the recent Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Lifestyle teleconference sessions. These sessions were a key part of the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services EAP marketing strategy implementation. Over the three sessions, there were 206 registrations, 98 of which were unique registrants, and 38 of the unique registrants signed up for all three sessions. Fourteen cities in every corner of the Province were represented, providing an important opportunity for Ontario Public Servants in regional locations to access EAP services. The feedback from the sessions has been very good with 85% of respondents rating the session between “Good” and “Excellent” and 100% of respondents indicating they had learned at least one new skill from the session.
I would personally like to thank you for your professionalism and patience facilitating the sessions over the challenging medium of teleconference, where “reading the room” is impossible, and technology can often let you down. Nonetheless, the feedback indicates that the attendees found your approach personable and appreciated the real life examples of managing conflict, stress triggers, and developing communication skills to fit individual style. I look forward to the opportunity of participating in future sessions.
Andrea McGowan
Organizational Health and Wellness Consultant
Human Resources Branch
Ministry of Government and Consumer Services

CJ Calvert has been invited to deliver presentations to employees at the Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee (OPGT), Ministry of the Attorney General on numerous occasions. More than one hundred OPGT employees have had the opportunity to participate in one of CJ’s speaking engagements. The feedback and evaluations for CJ’s presentations consistently receive the highest acclaim from staff resulting in ongoing special requests for more of CJ’s sessions.

CJ is a gifted presenter who knows how to bond with his audience. He speaks with confidence, clarity and conviction. CJ communicates so that others listen, understand and act. CJ never fails to deliver his message with enthusiasm and impact – he is a truly engaging speaker.

Karen McDonald
Learning & Communications Coordinator
Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee
Ministry of the Attorney General

CJ, The call today was great! I know you're not able to get a read on your audience with this type of presentation so I just wanted to say thanks for another humorous, informative call! I laughed out loud. Love it.
Nicole Cornect

Thank you on behalf of Trillium Gift of Lift network. I am getting great feedback from everyone…they had fun and they have taken away a few wonderful things with them. So thank you CJ for the great session!
Line Chartrand
Payroll/Human Resources
Trillium Gift of Life Network

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Hello CJ,

I wanted to thank you again for the great sessions this week - I've had nothing but positive feedback from both Rouge Valley and Lakeridge! Wishing you and yours a WONDERFUL holiday season!

Shelley Davie
Joint Healthy Workplace Coordinator
Rouge Valley Health System &
Lakeridge Health Corporation

I just wanted to provide feedback for our sessions yesterday. The whole office was buzzing at what an excellent job CJ did, and how much they enjoyed the session. We had such positive feedback from the first session, we had quite a few people not scheduled to come stop by and attend the 2nd session. CJ is a tremendous asset, and we really are so excited to have such a positive feedback come from our associates. I thought I would pass this information onto you, as he is a true diamond in your group!

Stephanie Freeman
Corporate HR Staff
Hewitt Associates
Thank you very much for your wonderful sessions CJ. I have been reviewing the feedback forms which are all glowing with praise for your excellent attitude and presentation content. It has been a pleasure working with you for our first ever CQSD Divisional Day.

Angela Tasevski
Administrative Coordinator to the CAO/ADM
Corporate & Quality Service Division
Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Revenue
We have just finished our presentation, and I want to emphasis to both of you, that everyone cannot say enough about CJ Calvert's presentation. I really believe we have all walked away from that presentation highly motivated, and eager to look at things with a different light…I want to thank you again for sending CJ Calvert, as his motivation skills were such a great benefit to all.

GE Canada
I just wanted to send you a quick e-mail to let you know how wonderful the seminars were yesterday. CJ was exceptional!!! The staff really appreciated his humor and real life stories which made the seminar very interesting and fun filled!!! CJ should be commended for a job well done!!! Can you let me know the other seminars that CJ presents…..I would like to maybe have him for this same team again in the fall. Thanks again for time very well spent!!!

Linda Bowden
Manager, Sales Support
Royal Bank of Canada
Commercial Financial Services
I just wanted to say how fantastic this seminar was - Living well with Stress. CJ's enthusiasm, humour and energy engaged the audience and after the seminar, several people came up and thanked him personally and told him how wonderful this session was. He helped us identify and deal with "our reaction" to a situation. Thank you very much for arranging the seminar and especially thank CJ for taking the time to enlighten us. Thanks!

Sandra Sampayo
Senior Analyst - Business Effectiveness
Nuclear Generation Development
Please let C.J. know that his presentation was outstanding! We received a great deal of positive feedback from those who attended his session.

Thank you

Marianne Hitz
Principal - Student Services Coordinator
Secondary Education Centre
York Region District School Board
Hi CJ, I just wanted to say thank you very much for coming and presenting to our staff “Living Well With Stress”. You were educational, funny and motivating. The audience was very captive with your presence….and we, the team have received some wonderful feedback back from staff that have attended the sessions….Your platform skills are exceptional…….you are an excellent presenter. In future, if I should ever have to conduct other safety meetings, I will be sure to definitely request if we could have you back.

Thank You
Lee Watson
First Line Manager, PND 889 Admin Services,
Ontario Power Generation

Hi CJ,

Thanks again for adding to the success of our office golf event with your talk on positive thinking and finding the humour in a situation. I have heard numerous positive feedback from my co-workers. What really worked is the fact that the presentation was not overly long… and was interactive. Feel free to consider a GM vehicle when you need to get into a newer car...our quality/ fuel-economy is one of the best and design is second-to-none. ;-)

Thanks again CJ...Val.

Valerie Noonan, Staff Assistant
IPC-CKD Finance
General Motors of Canada Limited

Thank you for your great presentation yesterday. You really connected with the audience, delivering some important points in a really effective manner. We won't hesitate to use you again in some other forums.


Laura Thanasse
Senior Vice-President, Total Compensation Group
Hi CJ,

I just wanted to thank you again for your fantastic presentation today. The participants clearly enjoyed your facilitation style, and, as you could see from the comments, would definitely like to spend more time with you in future. I also wanted to thank you for the CD! Congratulations on bringing your dream to life! We will keep your contact information on hand for future conferences, as you would be a greatly appreciated keynote speaker.


Michelle Stone
Training and Development Assistant
Organizational and Employee Development
Human Resources Department
It was a pleasure meeting you today and attending the presentation on "Living with Stress." I enjoyed the presentation very much and so did my staff. I have recommended you to my peers.

Angelo Boschetti, P.Eng, M.Eng
Leader, Capacity Planning
Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited
Hi CJ;
Just wanted to say 'Thanks and Well Done' at our Community Services Department Coach's Corner, October 17th in Stoney Creek. We have been getting excellent feedback and I am sure more requests will follow as a result. Thanks for attending to all of the pre-planning details, driving in the pouring rain, and giving us a great start to our day with your early morning energy. Appreciate your support to management development in general and to the City of Hamilton in particular.

Thanks again,
Mary Agro, M.Ed.
Human Resources
City of Hamilton
Hi, CJ. Thanks for your comments and again, many thanks for speaking at
our meeting. Not only was the content very applicable and resonated with
the team, but more than anything, it made them feel valuable to have spent
time with them by an outside speaker. Hopefully we'll work together again.

(Ms.) Cory Philip
Administration Manager, Global Administration
Thanks again for your talk yesterday. Everyone I spoke with enoyed your talk. I think many would like a handout as they get caught up in our presentation and don't recall all the specifics when they are actually in situations...


Lisa Trépanier, Ph.D., C.Psych.
LHC- Mental Health Program
Lakeridge Health Centre
I just wanted to let you know that our session went very well last Thursday and CJ's overview of "Welcoming Change into your Life" was terrific and delivered in his dynamic and entertaining style. As you recommended, he was "just the person" to meet our requirements. Feedback has been great and we are currently consolidating responses to the feedback form. Fyi, we decided to go with our own form but will share with you any relevant feed back that pertains to CJ's presentation or delivery. Thanks very much....Susie.

A. Susie Bilkas
Administration Manager, Global Administration
IBM Canada
Good Afternoon,

I wanted to send a big thank you for the amazing Wellness Seminar we all participated in today. The response from the staff has been extremely positive and they all enjoyed the seminar topic. We felt that the information received will be very helpful not only at work but in our day to day lives.

We all had such a great time and CJ Calvert was a marvelous presenter. Every participant made comment of how great he was and that he really suited his job as a Professional Speaker. The hour flew by! He would defiantly be someone we would request to come back.

Thank you again and I look forward with working with you in the future.

Customer Service Clerk
Newmarket Hydro Ltd

CJ - thanks for you fantastic presentation yesterday - you were very well received and we really appreciated you coming down to present to us. Hope you have a great weekend & a fantastic summer.......I'm sure we'll meet again for another one of your great presentations.

Cathy Poulin
IBM Finance Resource Coordinator
Hi CJ,
Thank you so much for taking the time to come in today to present to our group. The session was great! We’ve received great feedback so far!! We will keep your information on file in case we decide to hold Wellness sessions in the future. It was a pleasure meeting you!!
Best Regards,
Gurpreet Singh
HR Coordinator
The Shopping Channel

Today we had our seminar hosted by CJ. Everyone came away with only wonderful things to say about his presentation. He was humorous, motivational and everyone came away with something to get a kick start to the New Year.

Thank you,
Hill and Knowlton
Thank you again for arranging for this past weekend's Change Management session. C.J. Calvert did a great job. Although he only had about a 10 minute primer to our organization and our culture immediately prior to the start of the session, C.J. did a masterful job of reflecting our needs, issues, and examples in his presentation.
The feedback from all of the participants was that this was an extremely well organized, well presented, and topical presentation. Again, please accept our sincere thanks.

Bill Palamar,
Boy Scouts of Canada
Thank you very much for doing the "Know Your Personality" to a group of about 30 rowdy (should I say lively) 14 year olds yesterday CJ. It was great to have [you] on the days agenda and we all very much appreciated you taking the time out of your busy schedule. You told them they were 'OK' just being themselves, that everyone was different, that there are reasons why each of them feel and behave the way they do. I know that for some of the kids it was a relief to hear that. Even I could recognize my type:) and found it calming to have it explained. CJ, it was in some ways a tough audience and you had to use your considerable skills to keep them engaged. I asked one student at the end what was the best part of the day and he said "the personality thing". The student feedback following the session was that your presentation was the best! Thank you for being part of our program and our day. It was a pleasure to
meet you.

Rita H. Phillips
IGS Real Estate
ITSA, Global Services
IBM Canada Ltd
… just wanted to mention that we had the first of our planned 2007 Wellness Seminars yesterday. The subject was “Living Well With Stress” and it was presented by CJ Calvert, who was an amazing speaker! Everyone enjoyed the session, learned a great deal – and they’ve asked if we can have CJ come back for future seminars… any chance of [doing] that, if CJ’s available? Thanks again for setting this up for us – it was very successful! Have a great weekend!

Angela Finlay
CJ Calvert was at our site today to conduct a “Welcoming Change into your Life” Lunch and Learn session. I am so glad that we did the session as there was one employee who came and she was visibly distraught over a recent loss… I just wanted to let you know that CJ did a wonderful job in his presentation and was so sympathetic and understanding of the upset employee. He had advised me prior to the session that he had a very tight schedule today but did not even hesitate to stay with us – she appreciated it and so did I… my sincere thanks to CJ… Keep up the good work! Thank you!

Lindsay McAllister
Human Resources

[CJ], I’m glad that you could come to yet another PD day for the Upper Grand. You did save the day as always. We started out strong and ended strong so all and all it was a good day… it’s great to find a speaker that is so optimistic and full of enthusiasm! All the best in the coming year.

Julia Campbell
HR, Board Office, Upper Grand District School Board
Good morning CJ. It was a pleasure having you speak to us and remember to always look at the brighter side… Also, I must mention that I personally have been looking at the funny side of every situation and it has kept me smiling… so thank you CJ. Have a great week,

Irismar Lawrence
TD Wealth Management
Hi CJ … we really enjoyed your amazing session! We look forward to inviting you in again!

Andrea di Norcia
HR Co-ordinator
Good Morning CJ

I just had to send you a note to tell you once again how great of a job you did with the seminar at lunch today here at SimplexGrinnell… you are a wonderful motivator with lots of energy… Your talents come shining through and all that meet you will walk away smiling.

Roxanne Bridger,
Hi CJ. Thanks for a great session on Friday. Our employees were very impressed and have expressed interest in getting you back at some point in 2006 for another meeting. I also thoroughly enjoyed the session. Thank you again and all the best!

Jenny Sculthorp
CTDP, Associate Training Consultant, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals
CJ – Thanks very much for speaking at our event… we were very pleased with your keynote and would not hesitate to recommend you to others.

Derek Peters
Partner, KPMG LLP
CJ, thank you and GREAT job on the [teleconference seminar] today. The feedback so far has been very positive and I think your pitch really hit the mark… I thank you once again for a super job!!!

Tammy Mayer
HR Transition and Engagment Coordinator, Mergers Acquisitions and Commercial Alliances, IBM Global Services
I want to thank you again for coming to Colortech yesterday and for your seminars on “Stress”. I, personally, thoroughly the sessions! You are a great speaker, totally engaging! Regards,
Caralee Biback, BA, CHRP
Human Resource Manager, Colortech
If I could only use one word to describe CJ’s presentation style, it would be “AWESOME”! I recently hired Mr Calvert for our second annual North American Sales Conference in Las Vegas to inspire and motivate our management team. I had two short meetings with CJ prior to the event to give him a feel for the message we were delivering so that he could incorporate this into his own material. His final delivery was right on the mark; you could hear a pin drop through his hour-long delivery. If you are looking for a dynamic speaker that utilizes both personal and past business experiences and that can captivate any size audience, you should consider CJ Calvert.

Paul Swan
Director of Marketing North America, Tri-Ed Ltd.
Hi CJ. Thank you for the Wellness Seminar you conducted yesterday… you did a fantastic job! Our employees thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks again!

Catherine Mammoliti HR Assistant, CST Consultants Inc.



CJ, I wanted to thank you again for the outstanding presentation…It's rare that you come across an individual that has such tremendous passion and energy… Deenah M. Patel, IBM Canada